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Version History

Some important releases:
February 3, 2003
July 17, 2002
August 13, 2000
June 22, 1999
March 31, 1999
The library is available via anonymous ftp from:

or via HTTP at or anonymous CVS (for the brave).

Brief Release Notes and Disclaimers

This is the Cyrus SASL API implentation. It can be used on the client or server side to provide authentication. See RFC 2222 for more information.

The following "core" mechanisms are included in this distribution:

The distribution also includes these mechanisms:

This software package contains encryption software. Be sure to abide by appropriate export rules if you download it.

The library uses the environment variable SASL_PATH to locate the directory where the mechanisms are; this should be a colon-seperated list of directories containing plugins; by default, it looks in /usr/lib/sasl2.

The library uses a gdbm or ndbm file on the server side to store per-user authentication secrets (except for the PLAIN mechanism, which tries to use PAM, or crypt with /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow, if available). The utility saslpasswd has been included for adding authentication secrets to the file.

The sample directory contains two programs which provide a reference for using the library, as well as making it easy to test a mechanism on the command line.


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